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Page history last edited by Cynthia Gallinger 6 months ago

Tuesday, June 7th

  • Presentations
  • Visit from Ms. Larocque who explained the Options classes for next year
    • Get your forms back to me or the office by Thursday
  • Worked on completing the story portion of the Exam


Monday, June 6th

  • Presentations
  • Worked on completing the story portion of the Exam
    • Finishing the rough 
    • Peer Editing  
    • Starting the good copy 


Wednesday, June 1st

  • Returned and reviewed 2 novel quizzes - get them signed by your parents
  • Started the second part of the Final Exam - Writing a Narrative
    • Picture inspiration
    • Brainstorming
    • Writing the rough draft 
  • We will continue next class after the first few speeches 


Tuesday, May 31st

  • Worked on finalizing the rough draft of the speech
  • Take it home, create your good copy and PRACTICE
    • You all have your presentation date - be sure that you are ready! 


Wednesday, May 25th & Friday, May 27th

  • Collected poems
  • Started the End of Year Exam - Part One: Dreams Speech
    • Videos related to dreams
    • Handout with requirements
    • My sample speech
    • Outline - sample, then time to brainstorm
    • Start writing the rough draft 


Tuesday, May 24th

  • Dialogue Snap Shot Assignment
    • Reviewed the rules for writing dialogue (handout)
    • Brainstormed
    • Wrote the rough copy of the assignment
  • Good Copy Due By: Tuesday, May 31st
    • Follow MLA Formatting Guidelines 
  • Remember: Your Poem is due tomorrow 


Wednesday, May 18th

  • Worked on the novel project: "What My Name Means" poem
    • Analyzed & discussed the poem
    • Brainstormed ideas
    • Worked on writing the rough draft 
  • Good Copy Due: Wednesday, May 25th
    •  Should fit on one page 
      • Typed or hand written
      • MLA is not necessary since poems are creative 
    • Minimum of four pictures/images/clipart/doodles related to the content of your poem 


Monday, May 16th

  • Retuned and reviewed two Novel Quizzes - Get them signed by your parents
  • Finished class time for the response
    • See me at lunch this week to complete it if you did not do so in class
  • Finish reading the novel for tomorrow 


Week of May 9th

  • Working on Response to "The Nest"


Thursday, May 5th

  • Finished the Theme vs Summary activity
  • Started the response to "The Nest"     
    • Read
    • Brainstormed & shared ideas 


Wednesday, May 4th

  • Novel Quiz
    • Next reading quiz: Tuesday, May 10th from Chapter 25 to the end of Chapter 32
      • 5 KIM words & 1 reaction
  • Finished the Theme vs Summary activity 


Tuesday, May 3rd

  • Response writing
    • Personal & Text Connections - ranking sample paragraphs
    • Putting it all together
  • Summary vs Theme - activity with Disney/Pixar shorts 



















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